Disney has loved every minute of his recovery using the treadmill. He can't wait to arrive & get in the tank. I can't think of any nicer option that would have got him fully fit 3 months ahead of schedule following his surgery for his slipped disc, especially since it was behind the shoulder blades. Great to see him enjoy something which is making him better - and he loves his sweets afterwards too.
Neil, Libby & Disney
Roxy,a white boxer,was only 3 when she suffered a ruptured cruciate ligament,which was repaired surgically.4 weeks later she was ready for hydrotherapy,to rehabilitate her.Although nervous at first,Roxy soon got used to the hydrotherapy,and enjoyed the massage,under Susie`s gentle and skilful care.In a few weeks,Roxy built up to full fitness.I can thoroughly recommend Hands On Hounds.

"Rummy was first referred to Susie Davies in April 07 with recurrent shoulder lameness. I have to say the treatment she has given - massage and hydrotherapy - has given me back my dog. He looks amazing and enjoys life to the full. He is 8 ½ years old, and people say he looks more like five or six. He has worked in obedience competitions at the top level, has not got good hips, but without this treatment, this would definitely not have been possible. Many, many thanks Susie, I'm in your debt. "
Rita Holland

"Winston our 5 year-old Rottweiler suffered with a damaged tendon in his right shoulder. He was continuously lame. After several visits from Susan Davies he is now perfectly sound. We were saved the expense and trauma of an operation and were highly delighted with the results of the treatment."
Stuart & Vanessa Hemstock, Penn, Bucks

"Monty has weak hips, and after walks he cramps badly. After Susan's treatment he seems totally relaxed and is able to sleep easier and is more mobile. He seems to recognise Susan when she arrived and always wags his tail happily"
Suzie Morrison

"Following spinal surgery for a slipped disc, our Dandie Dinmont terrier, aged eleven years, became stiff and needed to be remobilised. After several treatments with Susan Davies the results show a great improvement in hip overall mobility and thus his general well-being. He is a very happy and pain free dog."
Janet and Hugh
"It is almost one year now since our 12 year-old, long-haired miniature dachsund, Heidi, underwent surgery for a slipped disk, which affected her ability to use her back legs, particularly her left back leg.

It was all very tense when we rushed Heidi to our vet ( she had lost the ability to walk with her hind legs) who recommended a local specialist in small animal neurological surgery. We did consider whether surgery was the most humane tretment for Heidi and with the advice of our vets decided to proceed. Following the operation our local vet was disappointed initially with Heidi's progress and suggested that some remedial therapy might speed her recovery, so with our vet's recommendation, we contacted HandsOnHounds. The improvement in Heidi's movement was noticeable from her first treatment. She was both more realxed and more comfortable in her stride. After a few treatments her full recovery was completed in a relatively short time; despite her slow start. Heidi now has a gait all her own, but is fully capable of holding her own following the addition of a GSP puppy into the "pack"

We are very grateful for the key role HandsonHounds played in Heidi's recovery."
Having worked for over eight years as a Pets As Therapy dog, giving much pleasure to many Alzheimer patients, Harry now is suffering from crippling arthritis and degeneration of the spine. It is entirely thanks to Susan Davies and her regular massage treatments that Harry is able to enjoy a relatively good quality of life and still gives pleasure to his family.
Elizabeth and Andy  


We noticed that Scooby, our 5 year old Chocolate Lab became lam and stiff quite suddenly due to limping on his left shoulder.

After a diagnosis from his vet and to our dismay he had Arthritis.L

We got in touch with Susie after a Google search on the web, who said she’d be able to help with his apparent condition.

On Scooby’s first session with Susie she inspected his shoulder and she confirmed that in fact he had torn a muscle in his left shoulderJ

Now after only 4 sessions with Susie and a little rest, Scooby is back to his old self running and jumping around with no arthritis in sight and also has a new vet.

Thanks Susie for all your hard work, from Scooby, James, Yasemin and Remy